If I was trying to pitch this book to a Hollywood executive I would add “One Wild and Crazy Ride!” to that headline. And it was, in parts.
If I was pitching to a publisher I would say it’s “Bill Bryson with boobs and a midlife crisis”. And that’s not too far from the truth either.
What it is, is Facing Forwards: Europe. Solo. No Looking Back. It tells the story of a three-month journey through Europe by train over June, July, and August of 2015.

The 48-year-old traveller (that’s me) had decided that it was time to stop and reassess her priorities in life. Following five pretty horrific years of poor health, financial meltdown, heartbreak and bereavement, I knew I was making poor decisions and needed to take a pause before I made any more.

From previous, much shorter periods of solo travel, I knew how incredible it could be. Time spent alone is always time to think. Three months is extreme, but this was a serious case of “where next?” and the best way to tackle that was to get off my backside and challenge myself to cover as much of the continent overland in three months as possible. The destinations and journeys taken are detailed on the Journey page. The idea was also to travel as light as possible. You can see the size of backpack I used on the Author page.


Waiting for the train at Monaco

Joyous in parts, highly amusing in others, and at times physically and emotionally unbearable, it was a life-changing three months. Every train journey, every step, every new location, every moment of euphoria, and every crushing disappointment – they all added up to one moment of realisation.

To be honest, there was no book until friends pointed out that this might be something people would like to read. I’m a writer – that’s how much I had lost my way. I liked the challenge of making the entire project a solo journey, so I Crowdfunded the production of the first run and am publishing, marketing, and promoting it myself.

There aren’t too many print copies of the book left, so to clear the stock the paperback (with colour pictures) is available at a reduced price of £7.99 plus P&P and on Kindle for £1.99, here at Amazon

For updates, there is a Facebook page at Facing Forwards here.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or if you’d rather but the book directly from me.